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Structural Waterproofing Systems In London

Structural Waterproofing System

When building a property it is important to keep water out of the structure as the effects of water ingress causes damage to your home.

Structures that are earth retaining below ground level are vulnerable to moisture. As local water tables rise in London, underground structures are exposed to increased hydrostatic pressure being exerted on the retaining walls.

Why do I need External Waterproofing?

External Waterproofing allows a first line of defence and therefore is advised to Externally Waterproof where ever possible.

What is the process of External Waterproofing?

Waterproof Priming

Spraying a water repellent primer to the external surface in order to narrow the pores of the masonry to make it non porous.  The primer creates a bonding surface for the Primary Waterproofing stage.

Primary Waterproofing

This is the stage of applying a Waterproofing Compound to the primed area.  The Waterproofing Compound is usually applied in several coats depending on the manufacturer.  This coat has a high compressive strength able to maintain resistance to water under pressure.

Secondary Waterproofing

After Primary Waterproofing stage an External Cavity Membrane will act as a drainage system to withstand hydrostatic pressure.  By encasing the structure with a Drainage Membrane water is able to drain away freely to a public drain.

The process of this three stage system will ensure over time it can withstand movement and remain water tight.

A Structural Waterproofing System should be able to withstand the following stresses;

  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Chemicals
  • Static Forces
  • Dynamic Forces
  • Temperature Variations
  • Gases
  • Biological in Venues

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