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Flood Repair In London

Have you experienced a flood in London?

London Waterproofing Company are experienced and approved flood repair contractors.

We repair flood and water damage to any property and structure and advise own how to implement flood prevention.

London Waterproofing Company are London’s leading trace and access company. Trace and access is the industry term for tracing a leak and making a repair causing no damage or minimum of damage possible to your property.

When instructed to carry out a trace and access report we use the most sophisticated technology using pin hole cameras and thermal imaging to look for leaks and water ingress without causing damage.

The findings are compiled into a report along with a quotation to rectify any flood and water damage to be approved by the client or insurance company before any attempt is made to carry out remedial works.

What Is a Dry Certificate?

When a flood has occurred within a property many companies will insist that a Dry Certificate be produced guaranteeing that the property is dry before any remedial works are carried out.

London Waterproofing Company can issue these certificates when satisfactory moisture levels are reached naturally or by installing dehumidifiers to speed up the process after a flood to your property. It is important that a Waterproofing Contractor can meet these demands or flood remedial works will become void and insurance companies will not cover the costs of your flood claim.

When looking for a professional waterproofing contractor who specialises in flood repair it is important that they have the broad knowledge and equipment required to perform surgery on your home. As approved water and flood repair contractors we have attended many horror stories where contractors have destroyed homes and caused unnecessary damages by incompetence.

London Waterproofing Company are a recognised and certified flood repair contractor by all the major insurance companies.
The process of identifying liability to a flood is a simple managed process of which a specialist can produce a detailed report and process a claim from start to finish and ensure that all necessary damage is considered in the settlement of any flood claim.

Flood investigation can also be referred to as leak detection. Therefore repairing a leak could be as simple as repairing a small leak on a radiator or a water pipe. Whatever the cause of a water leak we can guarantee that our specialist water investigation technicians are equipped and have the expert skills to repair a leak immediately ensuring minimal or no damage to your home and preventing further floods or leaks in the future.

London Waterproofing Company will always consult with you the client on our findings and discuss the methods of flood investigations before carrying out any works that could potentially cause damages.

Our flood investigations and leak detections consultations are free so why not give us a call today if you are experiencing a leak or have a flood in your London home.

London Waterproofing Company guarantee 100 percent to solve and accurately diagnose any flood damage or leak and provide a guarantee of all of our work carried out with an insurance backed guarantee.

To claim or find out more information on how to process and identify liability of a flood then please email or give us a call today.

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