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Sump & Pump Systems in London

Sump & Pump Systems

Is a Sump & Pump necessary always with a Waterproofing System?

It is always recommended that a Sump and Pump be used with a Cavity Drainage System.  Although in some case is it possible to rely on Natural Drainage in the event of a blockage of drains backing up it increases the chances of system failure.

What is a Sump & Pump used for in Waterproofing.

A Sump & Pump is used to take away Hydroscopic Pressure by Pumping away excess water  as the water table increases.

How does a Sump & Pump work in Waterproofing System?

A drainage system collects water into Drainage Channels formed in the ground.  The water then collects in the Sump Chamber.  The chamber relieves ground pressure through perforations.

Inside the chamber sits a float pump.  As the water level rises the pump switches on and evacuates the water outside the building to a public drain.

What Sump & Pump System do we recommend to use with a Cavity Drainage System?

We recommend using a Dual Pump system.  This consists of two pumps inside the single chamber.  In case of one pump failing there is a backup.  We also recommend a battery back-up pack in case of power failure which continue to work for 24 hours.

The system Alarm will warn you of any failure and will notify you by text message or email in the event of failure.

How often should a Sump & Pump System be maintained or serviced?

It is important to get a Professional Waterproofing Company to maintain your system annually. This will involve cleaning out the chamber and pump components of any build ups.

All components are then checked that they are in good working order. Service points in the Drainage Channels should also be visually inspected for ang blockages or build ups.

If you would like help choosing a suitable Sump & Pump System or would like a system inspection the our Waterproofing Experts are here to advise you.

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