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Basement and Cellar Tanking London

Cellar Tanking London & Basement Tanking

Basement Tanking In London

You may have a basement or cellar that you no longer use because it maybe wet or incredibly damp. This is where London Waterproofing Company can help you, get this room back in use.

What is Basement and Cellar Tanking?

Tanking is simply the process of installing a Waterproof System to an underground structure.

There are two systems to consider when waterproofing a Basement Structure.

  1. Cavity Drainage System.
  2. Tanking

Tanking is the process of applying waterproofing coatings to a structure to make it watertight.

Tanking Slurries are a blend of cement and chemical modifiers that calibrate to block the passage of water.

Tanking slurries are only as strong as the substrate to be used on and therefore can be prone to cracks with movement and thermal expansion.

When Tanking for External Waterproofing often bitumen coatings are used.

Tanking Slurries are usually applied or sandwiched into a three coat Waterproof Plastering System using clean sand and cement with a Waterproofing Agent in the final coat.

The purpose of applying coats is to strengthen and give an even coat for the tanking slurry and then a rendered finish to decorate.

How we prepare a Tanking System!

Walls must be cleaned of all plasters to expose clean masonry.

All loose masonry joints should be removed, repaired and plugged with a specialist waterproofing compound.

Masonry should then be treated with a salt inhibitor to prevent a build-up in the Drainage System.

Wall and floor Junctions should be taped with a fillet joint to manufacturers specification to provide flexibility at crucial junctions reinforcing system at its weakest points.

Tanking Slurries should be applied in horizontal then vertical layers to ensure a good overlap.

Tanking a Basement floor follows the same process as the walls but should be protected usually with a screed.


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