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Cavity Drainage systems In London

Cavity Drainage Systems London

Cavity Drainage systems are used internally and externally to control and drain water away to prevent dampness and water ingress into a structure. This is known also as Structural Waterproofing.

Installing high density polyethylene sheets with preformed studs forms a cavity allowing water to drain away.  The membrane is impervious to water and vapour.

Technically Cavity Drainage Systems are not a form of tanking. Tanking is a form of Internal and external waterproofing using common materials such as cementitious slurries, liquid bitumen coatings and asphalt which are mainly water permeable.

Traditional masonry construction is prone to cracking and settlement especially at joints and junctions. A Cementitious Tanking System would crack and with slightest of forces causing the system to fail.

A Cavity Drainage System offers flexibility, and is capable of protecting structures from water ingress. Above all it is maintainable and therefore can be fixed locally at any point of failure unlike a Tanking system that would need to be replaced.

A Cavity Drainage System has drainage channels in the ground allowing water to collect at the lowest point into a Sump and Pump drain away. A float pump removes excess water to a designated drain.

What standard should a Waterproofing system adhere to?

When designing a Waterproofing system especially for habitable underground basements in London it is important to consider BS8102:2009. This British standard outlines the three key Waterproofing requirements and suggests consideration is given to the use of a dual system.

Do you need to use a pump with a Cavity Drainage System?

It is always strongly recommended that a pump is used in conjunction with a Cavity Drainage System. A dual back up pump with an alarm and battery back up in the event of power failure is also strongly advised.

What guarantee do you get with a Cavity Drainage System London.

A Cavity Drainage system is the choice of insurance companies who will be happy to offer a long backed guarantee usually 10 up to 20 years providing that it is installed by an approved certified contractor.

Do not get confused with a product guarantee that doesn’t cover workmanship  or correct Installation.

Are all Cavity Drainage systems the same in design?

Every project is unique in design and consideration should be given to drainage around stairs, door ways, internal drains. This is why you should get a survey carried out by a certified reputable waterproofing company.

Why Should I choose London Waterproofing Company to waterproof your London basement?

London Waterproofing Company can offer a free design consultation for your basement in the London area, with the certification of all major Waterproofing Manufacturers.

All our basement waterproofing services include the appraisal of a district surveyor to ensure our bespoke designs beat the current standard.

As London’s leading Waterproofing Company we can guarantee not only our superior workmanship with a 10 year plus insurance guarantee but a fast and efficient service with a free, clear, detailed Waterproofing Survey and costings for remedial works or to bring your basement up to current standards.

Please call our office on 0203 633 5584 and speak to our friendly support desk. We will happily arrange a technical surveyor to call you back if you require information about your basement project.

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