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Basement waterproofing standards in London

British Standards in waterproofing

Basement waterproofing standards for below ground structures are defined by their type and structure to be waterproofed.

The most updated version of British Standard Waterproofing is BS8102:2009 revised code of practise for the protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.

BS8102 was revised to include consideration and the use of the following in basement waterproofing.

  • Type A Barrier Protection
  • Type B Structurally Integral Protection
  • Type C Drained Protection

British Standards in waterproofing also strongly recommends a waterproofing specialist should be involved in the design project of an underground structure.

A waterproofing specialist should be experienced in all aspects of waterproofing technology and it’s applications.

What should you expect from a Waterproofing Specialist?

A waterproofing specialist should be able to offer solutions to a structures requirements.  They should also be able to assist with designing and providing construction specifications and guidance through a project considering technical installation and maintenance.

At London Waterproofing Company we can assist your project and consult with your design team to achieve a high quality waterproofing system that is guaranteed and conforms to British waterproofing standards.

Our waterproofing consultants would de delighted to show you a selection of systems we have installed all over London.

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