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Basement Waterproofing Contractors in London

The Basement Waterproofing Contractor Specialists

London Waterproofing Company are the leading basement waterproofing contractors in London for designing waterproofing systems.  It is important when choosing a waterproofing contractor that they are qualified, certified and experienced in all aspects of waterproofing basements, cellars and underground structures.

London Waterproofing Company are members of basement waterproofing association and certified by all the leading manufacturers of waterproofing products.

Experienced waterproofing contractors should be able to offer a 10 to 20 year insurance backed guarantee and it is advised not to accept nothing less as you could end up with an expensive bill to rectify the works in the event of a system failing.

At London Waterproofing Company we employ our own district waterproofing surveyor and consultant qualified to design waterproofing systems to meet British standards in basement waterproofing without having to use us as your chosen contractor.  We pride ourselves in being totally independent waterproofing contractors meaning that we do not need to sell any manufacturers products.

BS8102:2009 states that a waterproofing design expert should be involved in the design of a waterproofing system and therefore why not select a waterproofing contractor that can provide all waterproofing services in house.

A basement contractor should be able to advise you on not only the best way to tank a basement or cellar but the most cost effective solution to basement tanking with a design that incorporates a long term maintenance system. this means that if any damage is caused to the waterproofing system that it can be repaired locally without having to completely renew it. It is important to consider all factors in a waterproofing design.

London Waterproofing Company are associated, credited and able to use products such as Vandex, Oldrord, Sieka, Sentry, Safeguard, Dryzone, Stormdry and many more.

When waterproofing our contractors ensure that all projects are completed on time as we understand that on construction sites time is money and we must meet deadlines.  it is also just important to work safe and tidy and have consideration for other trades on site.

As London’s premier waterproofing contractor we promise to deliver a cost effective fast efficient service with a guarantee that ensures you peace of mind that you are protected against all risks of failure, flood and that in the unlikely event that we cease trading that you are covered with our premium insurance backed guarantee.

Why not give us a call today and speak to a contractor that cares and understands the requirements needed to keep your basement watertight for the long term future. Speak to a waterproofing expert today and receive a free quotation with no obligation.

London Waterproofing Contractors have the qualifications to ensure a smooth transition and offer an impeccable service.

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