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Our Waterproofing systems are designed with maximum Integrity and to comply with BS8102:2009.  We provide guaranteed certified CSSW standard waterproofing solutions to external & underground structures.

London Waterproofing Company are  waterproofing contractors and waterproofing design specialists for all types of construction.

We understand waterproofing is a fundamental aspect to a building structures’ integrity. It is important therefore to resist surface penetration and water pressure by applying the appropriate waterproofing solutions.

Structural Waterproofing is the first line of defence and we have offer cost effective waterproofing systems CSSW certified & GPI Insurance backed guaranteed.

Our Waterproofing Services offer you a 100% guarantee that you will remain watertight with insurance cover for upto 20 years.

Book a free consultation with a CSSW certified surveyor by simply clicking the free consultation tab and we will respond to you within two hours through normal working hours.

We offer a full CSSW waterproofing design service for all structural waterproofing for domestic and commercial structures.

Our technical support team and waterproofing contractors are certified installers of the UK’s leading waterproofing manufacturers.

Delta, Safeguard, Vandex, Oldroyd & Newton certified installers. 

Would you like some advise on a basement design or require a site visit?

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Certified installers

Certified installers of Delta, Vandex, Oldroyd, Safeguard & Newton.

CSSW Surveyors

Professional CSSW qualified surveyors covering London & surrounding.

GPI Insurance Guarantee

GPI insurance backed guarantees with all design and installation projects.

How can we help you?

We will provide you with years of our experience and qualifications in waterproofing.  Whatever the structure you are looking to waterproof, swimming pools, basements, reservoirs, tunnels & lift shafts be sure the you are in the best hands possible. 


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What Guarantee do we offer you?

Our waterproofing systems are designed and installed by CSSW surveyors to BS8102:2009 NHBC standards and issued with a GPI insurance backed guarantee.



Which Water Proofing System Is Right For You?

We install and stock a large choice of Specialist Waterproofing Membranes. Our CSSW Surveyors will advise on the correct application for you whether it be:

  • Polyethylene (Cavity Drainage Membranes)
  • EDPM rubber
  • Liquid Membrane
  • Bituminous Waterproofing
  • Asphalt

External waterproofing

We can provide you with sophisticated Waterproofing Techniques to all specialised areas of External Waterproofing with a long Guarantee.

Why not call our friendly London Office today and get a Free Survey with no obligation or Sales Calls.  We believe in our Clients choosing our services because you choose to.

Waterproofing An Underground Structure?

If you are looking to waterproof an underground structure we will you with alternative solutions to basement tanking.

We are highly experienced waterproofing specialists and above all independent London waterproofing contractors. We use only the best waterproofing products available to the market chosen and designed by our Independent experts.

Basement Tanking Systems

A wide range of Cementitious Slurries and systems used for Tanking are recommended for rigid structures such as concrete. They can be used in weaker areas of construction as a line of defence but are weak and can fail under movement.

Wall and Floor joints require a crucial flexible filet joint incorporated into the system.

Cavity Drainage Systems are our preferred method of Tanking and Waterproofing for all underground Structures.

Leading Waterproofing Manufacturers

 CSSW Certified Installers.

Our Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our customers say about us:
We have used London Waterproofing Company numerous times for our Development Projects over the years.
I can hand on heart say that they are Waterproofing Gurus in every aspect of large scale Construction.

They are always on hand to deal with on-site technical support which is crucial to us to a achieve a high standard of construction and cost effective performance. Their Insurance Guarantee Protection is vital for us to comply with standards for our banks and clients. I strongly recommend using this company. John

CEO, Polyteck Building Services Ltd

I had a potential sale fall through because of bad workmanship. I called London Waterproofing and they immediately diagnosed the cause and rectified the problem for a lot less money than I imagined.

The sale went ahead thanks to the team and their Guarantee System. I have no doubt in recommending this company. Thank you for your help. Melissa

London, Residential Customer

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London Waterproofing Company are the most innovative waterproofing and design specialist in London.

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